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If you want to contact me for whatever reason, the best way is probably by PM via this journal.

However, I also have AIM (daisysorceress) which I don't use very often although I'm trying to change this. I'm from the UK so my timezone is GMT. I also have a plurk which is daisythesorceress (Friends Only. Just PM this journal if you want it friended).

Alternatively, you can PM my real journal (daisy_the_mage1 ).



So, I'll be going to Spain for a few days from Monday 12th until Friday 16th. I might post once or twice at an Internet cafe but it'll only be for backtags.

Zidane (ohlookboobs)  and Iris (knitbadsweaters) will be on autopilot!


[Locked to Lan Fan]

[Hey, Lan Fan! Are you awake? Because like many of the other teenagers in the town, once you wake up, you will find yourself in the Bowling Alley with someone of the opposite sex.

And your ‘date’ is curled up fast asleep on one of the benches, his tail curled up beside him. He is snoring rather loudly.....]

Soul Campaign permissions

Those in Mayfield can ignore this entry!

TL;DRCollapse )

Seventy-first theft [Voice]

Hey, guys....I'm back. [Nobody heard his secret on the phone, right? Because that would be awkward. At least he didn't reveal his plans to investigate the Dairy, though...] Eiko, sorry for worrying you. Heh. [Guesses that his friend won't be too pleased at having to deal with a Dronedane for over a week]

Looks pretty quiet. I guess everything's back to normal, huh? Everyone all right? I didn't do anything strange, other than, uh....what happened on Thursday last week, right? Nobody got hurt by Grady or any of those other guys, did they? [Since Ziddy still has yet to find out that Grady is actually dead]

Sixty-ninth theft [Voice]

[Filtered from drones]

Pretty hard to believe I've been here over a year a month....gee, it's my birthday next month! Maybe I'll throw a big party with Tantalus when we all go back home!

Speaking of which, what are you guys gonna do when we're all free? You all gonna go back to your homes? Or are you gonna stay here? Since some of you guys think of this place as 'home'. Not that it's a bad thing........as long as you guys are happy, of course!

[Filtered to Edward Elric and Calleo A. Crowe]

Hey, you two! How 'bout a race in the morning when we get up and deliver those boring papers? First guy to finish his delivery round town wins!

Sixty-eigth theft [voice]

Father's Day......again? 

Wouldn't be a bad idea in itself, if I haven't been in this town long enough to know what it's like..........ladies, be careful, all right?

[OOC: Placeholder. Am unlikely to respond to tags tonight but I'll try and get back to them ASAP]


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