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Soul Campaign permissions

Those in Mayfield can ignore this entry!

OOC stuff
I am guilty of this so go ahead!
Threadhopping: Also guilty of this so sure!
Canon-puncturing: If you mean 'Oh hey, this happens to you in the future' then go ahead! I'd rather not have the "Oh you're a video game character" recognition though.
Offensive subjects: It’s not very easy to offend me unless it’s obvious that you’re doing something like using your character as a soapbox so don't worry about this one.

IC stuff
Hugging this character: GO FOR IT. Zidane’s an outgoing guy so if you know him, he’ll be fine with it. Backslaps are also okay. He’ll be a little “WTF” if he doesn’t know you, though.
Kissing this character: A peck on the cheek from a pretty girl? He’ll love it! If a girl who isn’t Dagger tries to get personal though, he might get awkward and try and stop it although you’re welcome to try. As for guys, Zidane is straight so he’ll be pretty freaked out if a guy tries to kiss him. I welcome you to do it/try to do it for humour purposes, though.
Flirting with this character: Again, fine! Zidane chats up the ladies all the time and so he won’t mind a pretty girl hitting on him unless he realises that she is looking for a relationship and she isn’t Dagger (then he’ll back off). As for men, again, Zidane will be very weirded out but you’re welcome to mess with him.
Punching this character: Again, go ahead. Just remember that he’ll punch back.
Fighting with this character: Zidane is a Final Fantasy hero so I expect him to fight at some point. Just PM me first though so we can plan something.
Torturing/Injuring this character: Again, I’d like a PM first so we can plan something out. Do note that I don’t want it to happen all the time though.
Killing this character: I'd rather not  unless I want to drop him and we can plan something along the lines of that.
Sex/Rape?: Please don't. I'm not confident at writing sex and I really don't feel like making my characters deal with the traumatic consequences of rape.

Using telepathy or mind-reading abilities on this character: Oh, why the heck not?
Relationships: Zidane is in love with Dagger. He feels that the place he belongs is with her, even though he hasn’t completely gathered up the courage to tell her how he really feels yet. So although he has no qualms about flirting with a cute girl, he’s only doing it to be friendly and isn’t going to look for a relationship anytime soon. Sorry, ladies.
Anything that shouldn’t be mentioned near this character?: Nope. Can't think of anything. He might be pretty awkward about talking about his real feelings for Dagger or the class barrier between her and him because he knows he's got to cross it but he can handle it if the subject's brought up. As for his origins, he'll more easily talk about them to his canonmates but is unlikely to tell other people unless he absolutely has to or he knows them well enough that he trusts him/her and s/he trusts him. It's less of "I don't want to talk about it" and more of the fact that it's probably not a good idea to tell just any old Tom, Dick or Harry that you're an artificial being created to destroy another planet. However, if someone finds out via mind-read or third party sources or whatever then he can handle it. Anything you're confused about, just ask me!


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