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I wanted to come home to you

So I sang your song..

Zidane Tribal
18 May
Mist Continent
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This is not a real journal. It is an RP account created by daisy_the_mage1 and is played at mayfield_rpg and soul_campaign. Zidane is owned by Square Enix. This RP journal was created for fun and not for profit.

a place called home, acting, amarant, babes, beautiful women, being a tad cocky, being chipper, being emotionally awkward, being happy is awesome, being jesusy, being reckless, being slightly perverted, cheap pub food, chicks, chocobos, cute ladies, dagger, dagger's beautiful singing, dating hot princesses, eiko, getting chicks for guys, girls, having a badass tail, having a convenient sibling, having a girly brother, having a wtf past, helping eeveryone, helping my friends, hot girls, hot women, kicking butt, ladies, loving everyone, male pee bonding, moogles, my girlfriend's a princess, not a monkey, not angel of death, not being garland's servant, not being super angsty, not causing mass destruction, not destroying gaia, not destroying the world, not kuja, not obeying my creator, not respecting authority figures, not starting a war, pretty girls, quina, rusty, screw you garland, talented chicks, theatre, thievery, using nauseating pickup lines, vivi, wearing pants unlike kuja, women