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Sixty-seventh theft [Voice]

Um....hey, this is Zidane. Has, uh.....anyone seen Dagger’s drone recently? I.....have a feeling that something......bad might have happened to her...

Also, has anyone seen a bunch of guys called Baku, Ruby, Cinna, Marcus, Blank, Zenero and Genero? And a girl named Mikoto? They’re family from back home, and......I have a feeling they might be in this town, but I don’t know.....it could be just the town messing with my head....

Sixty-sixth theft

1. Action

[Zidane ‘awakens’ from his droning to find himself standing outside the Atomic Cinemas. At first, he cannot work out what he was doing there in the first place. Then he notices that he was holding a bunch of flowers in his right hand.

Just then, he just hears a cheerful (and rather empty) voice behind him...]

"Oh, Zidane! You made it on time!"

Huh? [He turns around to see some brown-haired girl, with a rather plastic-looking smile on her face, walk right up to him.]

"I am so glad you're taking me out. So, when does the movie start? Ha, ha!"

Uh....[rubs his head]...sorry, I think you’ve got the wrong guy.

[And with that, she just laughs] "Don't be silly! You asked me this afternoon if I wanted to go to the movies tonight! Oh, are those flowers you bought for me? How sweet?

....Flowers? [Realises what she might be talking about, glances down at the flowers in his hand and pieces two and two together] Oh, uh...those flowers.....heheheheh.

[Feel free to pester and awkward monkey and his drone ‘date’]

2. [Phone – sometime after Situation 1]

Er....so it looks like I was, uh....‘out’ for a couple of weeks. Sorry if I worried everyone. Heh.

So...what happened when I was gone?
Also, did anyone get a census in their mailbox?

Sixty-fifth theft [Voice]

[OOC: Occurs just after Major's post

So, I heard that some guys have discovered what’s going on in the Dairy..... Something that..... happens to the people who are droned. ...

Anyone care to tell me about that? I know the whole thing was supposed to be an April Fool’s joke, but... [Anyone who knows him will notice that there is an unusually serious tone in Zidane’s voice. He does not really sound like the perky, cheerful teenager he normally is]

[So not filtered]

So, I heard Kay’s announcement over the phones about the results of the Dating Service. Congratulations to the lucky three matches out there! I bet you’re all nervous, huh? I know what you're all thinkin’  -  “This is my first date ever.....what do I say to this gorgeous babe without sounding like a total screw-up?” Well, no worries cos that’s why you’ve got me, Sir Zidane, to help you out! I’ve been there, I’ve done that, so I know what it’s like! And I’m now known among the girls in Lindblum as the most handsome bandit on Gaia! Okay, maybe I’m not but that’s not the point.

So, if you guys need any advice on romance and love from a professional, then don't be afraid to give me a call. Or, if you wanna meet up personally, you guys can drop by at 850 Goldberg Street.

Sixty-third theft [voice]

......What the heck is April Fool's Day?

Sixty-second theft [Action]

[Zidane heard the voice over the phone. That, and Grady’s warning have made him more curious about the highway. As Chocobos were fast, he was considering going out there riding on Choco.

However, every time the thief passed the Dairy, he kept hearing those screams inside.....were there....people in there? Being tortured? He could not be sure.

Crowe told Zidane it was a bad idea to do anything until they had come up with a plan. While Zidane agreed with him.....the more he passed the Dairy, the more he began to think that if he left it, it would be too late....

Eventually, he decided that he could not leave it any longer. Therefore, in spite of all wise logic, you can find a small blond teenage boy with a tail outside the dairy, standing outside the dairy and inspecting it. Okay, he was told that the doors and windows were sealed shut....but there might be a chance if he used enough force....?

Therefore, may see Zidane doing one of the following things...

1.       Trying to peer through the Dairy windows, trying to see what's inside...

2.       Pounding on the windows rather loudly.

3.       Pounding on the door quite loudly.

4.       Eventually, after some pushing and pounding, Zidane tries another plan. He turns around, walks back a few steps and tries to break down the door with a running kick. Needless to say, it does not work and he ends up groaning from having a very sore foot before he tries to pound the door with his fist again.]

Cut for TL;DR inspection which I hope not to do again in the long run..Collapse )[Phone]

Kay, Crowe, Winry, Rika.....everyone! You saw those angel statues around town, right? You’ve probably heard this before but whatever you do, stay away from them!

Also, if you run into them and, uh....your eyes start to itch or you think you’re turning to stone or something, go and get help right now! [Even though he’s not sure what help they can get but he can’t just sit there and let them suffer the same horrible fate as he did - there has to be some way]

[Phone ]
Uh....hey, Precis. That’s your name, right? It’s Zidane. I, uh....need to talk about what happened a few days ago.

[Zidane is wearing his regained
adventure gear, complete with awful lace cravat and cuffs. Please mock it, guys. Today, he will be: 

1. Knocking on the door of 5720 Cunningham Lane so he can visit Garnet’s drone. He has yet to realise that Garnet has been replaced by Kohaku so everybody of that house (Kohaku included) is allowed to answer the door. Feel free to bump into him as well.
2. In order to get his mind off what happened to Garnet, the additional dronings of Mashiro and other people and Valentine’s Day, Zidane has taken to sitting on the porch of 850 Goldberg Street (not wanting to be distracted by the drones in his house), dealing with a set of cards. Tetra Master was a little more fun, but none of the drones seem to know what it is, so he has to make do with normal playing cards. It’s rather frustrating playing on his own – feel free to see what he’s up to. He'll act cool and cheerful if you talk to him but you might notice that something is wrong if you know him well or are perceptive enough]


Fifty-ninth theft [Action]

[Zidane was going to take Garnet’s drone out for Valentine’s Day – he has been trying to keep himself together since Garnet was droned. After all, he is not the only one here who is suffering in this place. No matter what, the thief is determined to find a way to stop Lucy Smith. Therefore, in his mind, he has to remain cheerful and strong for everyone, no matter how much it hurts.

Just before the thief was about to leave the house on Monday morning, however, a parcel arrived on his doorstep. It was a tad suspicious but Zidane decided to open it anyway, just so that he could warn others if something went wrong.

Needless to say, he is hit by a huge rush of memories of a girl he does not realise he has never actually met.

Zidane just stands there, mouth wide open, holding an empty parcel in his hand. A few moments later, he finally begins to speak]


[ OOC: Valentine's Day post for Zidane and Precis. Other characters are free to bother Zidane if they want, though]

Fifty-eighth theft [Action]

[Like Kay and Crowe, Zidane had also been, for the past couple of weeks, getting up early in the morning, just before his paper boy rounds, so that he could follow the Milkman. It sounded like a pretty easy job to do, as long as he stayed in the shadows.

Therefore, in the early hours of the morning, the Genome would creep out of the house in order not to wake Mashiro, behind one of the houses or crouched behind a bush, on Goldberg Street, waiting for the Milkman to approach and quietly following him.

In a way, this was exciting. Ever since coming to Mayfield, Zidane had very few opportunities to do any sort of sneaking mission. If he managed to follow the Milkman all the way to the Dairy, maybe he could have a quick peek at what was inside! True, Zidane was aware that he could get droned again or even killed if he was caught – the things that Tantalus did back at home were regarded as serious crimes but at least they had a higher chance of getting away without burning vents and droning – still, nothing was going to be done to get everyone out if he just sat around.

Zidane is generally pretty good at hiding and sneaking by. You are unlikely to spot him unless you try hard enough]


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